Announcing a consulting partnership with Targetbase

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I’m excited to announce a partnership with Targetbase which has hired Customer Helix to help establish a consulting practice — Targetbase Element — to service existing and prospective Targetbase clients.

The goal for the new division will be to help firms develop an optimal customer relationship architecture. “Customer relationship” is a loaded term thanks to firms’ history with CRM, but when Targetbase and I got together to discuss the idea of working together, we tried to strip away all the marketing-speak and acronyms and determine how we could collectively help firms. We reduced it all down to helping senior leaders to establish the right relationship for their specific company with their specific customers. We were in complete alignment that there isn’t and shouldn’t be a cookie-cutteer approach to customer relationships. So many elements affect the type of relationship that one can have — some of which are in a firm’s control, and some of which are not. So we plan to help firms determine what the right strategy is for them and their customers; assess whether they are set up structurally to deliver against that strategy; and determine where to invest to either remove barriers or execute even more effectively.

Ultimately, we’ll evaluate four things: the desired customer relationship strategy for the firm; how well it executes on that strategy; the consumer’s expectation in a relationship with the firm; and how well those expectations are being met. Once we know the answers to some or all of these questions, we can help firms to align in the mutual interest of the consumer and the firm.

Going back to my Forrester days, I was always impressed with Targetbase’s strategy offering, so I’m flattered to be brought on board to help them establish a more formal and standalone strategy consulting group. I look forward to bringing my thought leadership to the table and have begun by conducting a survey of 200 customer-facing professionals to better understand their current and desired approach to customer relationships.

To learn more, see the Targetbase Element site, their blog, or see my “consulting offerings” page here.




  1. Bess Solov says:


    Congratulations on this new endeavor.

    Your expertise, and Targetbase’s excellent customer service, are a winning combination.


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