Introducing “Customer Helix”

For the past six-and-a-half years, I’ve had the privilege of helping to create, build, and then run Forrester’s research team focused on customer insights. I’m passionate about how firms can understand their customers, analyze the information, and use customer knowledge to create deeper relationships, better products and services, and ultimately to deliver customer value.

Despite the advances in technologies and the plummeting cost of data storage, understanding customers has never been harder. Customers are more in control than ever of what they buy, who they buy it from, what they pay for it, and what they expect in terms of service and engagement. They can access information from anywhere – including from within our store, while on the phone with our customer care reps, and when comparing our offerings to our competitors. And, they can often get whatever you’re selling just as quickly and easily at the touch of a button.
Eiffel Tower steps
Today is my first day outside the Forrester walls and I’ve created this blog to provide an outlet to continue to think about and provide perspectives on the challenges and realities that firms face as they seek to become customer oriented. So, the obvious question is why “Customer Helix”? In layman’s terms, a Helix is a smooth line that curves or coils around an axis. I believe that companies should try to think of themselves attempting to curve around their customers – unfortunately, too many companies expect their customers to meet their approach and navigate their processes. Separately, when most people think of a helix, they probably think of double-stranded helices – most notably DNA. Without falling into creepy territory, I believe every company should be trying to understand their customer DNA in order to serve them better.
So, thanks for stopping by, and I hope to make it worth your while to visit often.


  1. No RSS? Then Google Reader really is dead…


    Looking forward to this blog!

  2. customerhelix says:

    Thanks Chip! I hear that RSS stuff is over-rated ;-)

  3. Congrats on launching Customer Helix Dave!

  4. Belated congrats on your new firm Dave! I’ve had you in ARInsights’ ARchitect Database for many years. Currently, I’ve updated your profile to reflect your new company, but I need to include your updated contact information. Can you eMail me at that information? Thanks! Tricia

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