It all depends on what you call it…

I’m on a bit of a classification or categorization kick lately. For some reason, it bothers me when I read about my Pebble being described as a “smartwatch”. I don’t think the watch itself is smart. It’s simply a display for what a real smart device … [Continue reading]

Jeff Bezos: the new Lance Armstrong?

I’m an Amazon customer. And, have been for about sixteen years - back when they were an online book seller. But, I’m more than that, I’m an Amazon Prime customer and an Amazon credit card holder. And, I have a sinking feeling that I’ve been had. This … [Continue reading]

Pope Francis gives a lesson in culture change

Time cover

I finally got around to reading the Time Magazine article about how and why it chose Pope Francis as its Person of the Year for 2013. Plenty has been written about the choice, but whether you agree with it or not, I found it a great example of how a … [Continue reading]

How popular is your “animosity program”?

JetBlue bill of rights

  Firms spend millions of dollars on loyalty programs — not all of which drive loyalty, of course. And, they go out of their way to try to measure and track loyalty. But how many firms track animosity? How do they know when the wheels are … [Continue reading]

Not stuck in park!

ParkMobile email

I don’t expect to get a great customer experience from local Government services. Which, made it all the more pleasant when I did. I went to my son’s school late last week for a presentation that he gave (and he did amazingly well). All of the school … [Continue reading]

A novel approach to market intelligence: games and prizes, but not gamification

On a recent trip to Dublin, I met a cool startup, Upfront Analytics (UFA), which is creating a mobile game platform designed to deliver market intelligence. They've developed a really novel approach that reveals latent opinions of consumers and … [Continue reading]

Your competition isn’t who you think it is

Your customers enjoy greater and faster access to new products and services every day — from apps to wearable devices to co-created solutions. And you compete with all of them. Even if they don't compete with you. What do I mean? How we access … [Continue reading]

The Emmy is not the story. Kevin Spacey (unknowingly) doles out customer experience advice


This morning, media outlets ranging from the Wall Street Journal to the Hollywood Reporter to Mashable heralded Netflix's "historic" victory at the Emmys, as the streaming service's House Of Cards became the first web-only series to win a Primetime … [Continue reading]

It’s AboutTheData, stupid

About the data

Today (or yesterday by the time I post this), Acxiom released a beta version of a site/service they have called AboutTheData. It’s both a brilliant and relatively simple concept, but certainly the first of it’s kind in the marketing arena. Natasha … [Continue reading]

Customer focus isn’t that hard!

Since I wrote the other day about Apple, I had a bunch of emails and conversations that seemed like veiled attempts to defend Apple, disguised as a question. They went something like, "Why are you picking on Apple. Nobody does this well. Isn't it … [Continue reading]

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