Are you better than Apple at letting your employees help your customers?

I'm a mac fan. Not one of those loony, raving fans, but I do have an iPhone and an iPad, recently bought a MacBook Air, and there are several other versions of iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc scattered throughout our apartment. On top of that, I've bought … [Continue reading]

Are you preparing for the Collaborative Economy?

Share The Road

I spent some time last week reading about what is becoming known as the "sharing" or "collaborative" economy. Versions of the sharing economy have existed since the beginning of time — and, I remember my parents when I was a kid had an "allotment" … [Continue reading]

Can marketers actually learn from the NSA and NYPD?

Stop and frisk

Let me be really clear from the start. I don't intend to enter into a political debate with this post. But, a thought occurred to me while reading the arguments raging in the political and public sphere lately about two unrelated Government programs … [Continue reading]

How often do your execs interact with your customers?

The BBC reported this weekend that Norwegian prime minster, Jens Stoltenberg worked incognito as a taxi driver one afternoon this summer, in order to hear what real Norwegian voters really think, in the belief that people share their true opinions in … [Continue reading]

Engagement plus data capture? Brilliant!

Photo by Lyn Hughes Photo

Those of you that know me are probably shocked that it took this long for me to write a post that centered on Guinness. I've long believed that Guinness excels at marketing, but this week it introduced a brilliant concept leveraging near field … [Continue reading]

It’s time to start seeing other hotel chains

Over the past several years, I've been mostly a brand advocate of Starwood and somewhat of a brand assassin of American Airlines. But two recent experiences have flipped my attitudes on their head. I travel a fair bit for work and, until recently, … [Continue reading]

Emulsify your business

Oil and vinegar

A company's data resembles a salad bar. Just as we make or order a salad with the ingredients we want, then toss it, and add dressing, we sort of do the same with data -- we pull together disparate, silo'd data into a database or data mart, perform … [Continue reading]

How much is your loyalty program giving away?

Loyalty cards

My wife went to buy coffee yesterday morning, and instinctively picked up their "loyalty" card - a paper-based stamp system that awards a free cup of coffee after you purchase 10 others. Caffe Nero - my favorite London coffee spot - and hundreds of … [Continue reading]

What’s the next application for your intelligence?

2013-08-02 09.35.52

I had a great conversation last night with the receptionist at my dentist about the not-so-new Citi Bike program in NY (yes, it's odd that an Irishman travels from Florida to NY to see an English dentist, but I'm a big fan). Michael was raving … [Continue reading]

Introducing “Customer Helix”

Eiffel Tower steps

For the past six-and-a-half years, I've had the privilege of helping to create, build, and then run Forrester's research team focused on customer insights. I'm passionate about how firms can understand their customers, analyze the information, and … [Continue reading]

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